Home Lab 3: Windows Server 2022

This part of the lab build deals with standing up a basic Windows Server 2022. Essentially my goal is to get 3 Windows servers setup prior to configuring an Active Directory domain.

Although you could do an ISO download and install, I think it is much easier to deploy the provided VHD. Download the 64-bit 9GB+ file from Microsoft.

I chose to convert the VHD to a VHDX due to research indicating that is more resilient and a better format.

PS C:\> Convert-VHD -Path .\WindowsServer2022.VHD -DestinationPath .\Server2022VHDX.VHDX

Once the conversion completes, copy the file.

Paste the VHDX file in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Virtual Hard Disks.

Create a new VM in Hyper-V Manager. For this example, I called it WEB01. I have already created one call DC01 and will create another called SQL01.

For the sake of basic compatibility and no frills, I went with Gen 1.

I went with 4GB ram.

Still using the Bridged Virtual Switch over the wifi network interface.

Use the existing virtual hard disk VHDX. Browse and select Server2022VHDX.vhdx.

Clicking finish will configure the VM in the off state.

Select the VM under Virtual Machines click Connect.

Click Start.

On boot, this is the first screen you get. Fill in country, language, and keyboard layout.

Accept the license terms and conditions.

Enter a password twice for the local Administrator password and click Finish.

You can adjust the desktop space, but I simply accepted the default 1366×768 windowed desktop.

Login with the password you just set.

Yep, everything seems to be working.

I will stop here because I want to build out the other two servers before setting up the domain.

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