The Plan

I built out this home lab and now I feel like I need to shore up my plan for studying for the SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator. The exam was updated in February 2023 and I will use Microsoft’s study guide to flesh out my next steps. Everyone approaches stuff like this differently; however, I have a deep and abiding love of lists.

Interestingly, MS now publishes a change log for the exam and there are seemingly no changes after all.

The loop that works for me looks something like this:

The Learn site is fantastic and greatly improved over the years. It is my opinion that you should register a personal MS Account as your Learn identity for all things related to study, certification, etc. From there you can link work or school accounts should you want your manager or professor to view your progress. This way, your account stays with your identity and not the identity of a current or previous employer..

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