Home Lab 5: Azure AD Connect

In order to test some of the scenarios with authentication on premise and in the cloud, I need to be able to synchronize accounts, devices, and groups. I do not have an overly complex implementation, but I need the right tool to do the job. Microsoft has two tools that can accomplish this task: AzureContinue reading “Home Lab 5: Azure AD Connect”

The Plan

I built out this home lab and now I feel like I need to shore up my plan for studying for the SC-300: Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator. The exam was updated in February 2023 and I will use Microsoft’s study guide to flesh out my next steps. Everyone approaches stuff like this differently; however,Continue reading “The Plan”

Home Lab 4: Domain Controller Setup

So, this is a bit overdue. The screenshots have been sitting in a folder for weeks. In this post, I get a basic domain controller setup, a web and SQL server joined to the domain, and test that a domain user can login at the console. Fairly straightforward stuff. Always start out with checking forContinue reading “Home Lab 4: Domain Controller Setup”

Home Lab 3: Windows Server 2022

This part of the lab build deals with standing up a basic Windows Server 2022. Essentially my goal is to get 3 Windows servers setup prior to configuring an Active Directory domain. Although you could do an ISO download and install, I think it is much easier to deploy the provided VHD. Download the 64-bitContinue reading “Home Lab 3: Windows Server 2022”